Photochromic molecules adjust to light

Transitions Lenses Helping People See Life in The Best Light

See life in the best light with lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between according to light conditions. Graphite green perfectly complements many frame styles and colors. From classic to cutting-edge style, you can transform any pair of regular eyeglasses into a striking look all your own! Graphite Green Transition Lenses Photochromic molecules adjust to light When Transitions® lenses are exposed to UV light, trillions of photochromic molecules in the lenses begin to change structure. This reaction is what causes the lenses to darken.

As clear as possible – as dark as required – in record time Transitions is the intelligent lens that automatically adapts itself to ambient light conditions. Being virtually clear indoors, the lenses darken within seconds of being exposed to sunlight. Simultaneously your eyes are protected against interfering wavelengths from artificial light and ultraviolet rays. The Transitions lenses are ideal for everyday wear and are so thin and lightweight, you will hardly know you are wearing them. In a recent consumer survey, 82% complained about glare, 73% had sensitive eyes and 60% suffered from tired eyes.