CR39 INDEX 1.499

Cr39 1.499 Single Vision Description: Cr39 1.499 Single Vision,resin lens,plastic lens Material: AT (GREAT LAKE ITALY) Refraction index Nd=1.499 Diameter: 55mm/60mm/65mm/70mm Abbe value: 58

CR 39 Index 1.499

1)Better among other index lenses in hardness and toughness, high impact resistance

2) The more easily tinted than other index lenses.

3) The higher transmittance as compared with other index lenses.

4) The higher ABBE value providing the most comfortable visual experience.

5) The more reliable and consistent lens product physically and optically. 6) The more popular in the middle level countries. CR39 1.499 Single Vision Optical Lens Blanks, Anti Scratch Semi Finished Lens. Hard Coating: