Single Vision Freeform Lenses

Personalized and compensated Freeform that provides improved peripheral clarity by up to 30% in single vision prescriptions.

The highest performance product of Free Form Technology which can be produced for individual measurements. Excellent backside processed individual progressive which is manufactured by calculating varying measurements based on the user’s face ergonomy and the shape of the desired rim by way of MIDPOINT technology.

Single vision lens wearers often experience a reduced limited viewing area in their single vision lenses. By adding the Freeform manufacturing process to our Asfera lenses, it is now possible to increase the viewing area up to 30% providing greater comfort. Ideal candidates are those who use their glasses for distance vision primarily and would benefit by not needing to increase head movement for horizontal focus such side mirror viewing while driving a vehicle. Asfera offers excellent viewing richness and comfort to individuals with low to moderate myopic, hyperopic and astigmatism corrections Suggested parameters and individuals who will notice improvement and benefit are mostly those who have Myopic Powers greater than 3.00, Hyperopic Powers greater than 2.00 and Astigmatism corrections greater than 1.00 diopter. Asfera like its progressive counterparts requires the wearers' unique individual Freeform measurements of vertex distance, panoscopic and frame wrap angle while wearing their selected frame.