thin, lightweight, safe, UV protection, two-sided scratch resistance and great value." Dispensers of a certain age remember the 1980s when a material used in the aerospace industry and as the bullet-proof glass was first manufactured as spectacle lenses. "At that time polycarbonate was our only choice for a thinner, lighter lens," There were so many aberrations and rejections of this material. If you held the lens up to an Amsler grid you could see the distortion away from the clear 10 mm core. The only reason patients liked the lens at all was that it was their only choice for a thinner lens."

Our polycarbonate lenses are manufactured with proprietary, fourth-generation water-white polycarbonate resins, are up to 50% lighter and thinner than plastic alternatives and 10 times more impact-resistant. polycarbonate lenses have a specific gravity of 1.21. Plus, they have an index of refraction of 1.59 and can be made as thin as a 1.0 mm centre. *Crystal clear lenses and industry-leading quality *Available in aspheric designs for a thinner, more fashionable look *Up to 50% lighter and thinner than plastic lenses *Perfect for the majority of eyeglass lens prescriptions