• MAJOR 1.74 AS index material is the thinnest material available. • Ideal for individuals who desire the maximum thinness in their eyewear. Single Vision Superb lens for enhanced vision. High-level freeform technology provides more precision related to conventional single vision lenses, leading to clear and focused vision over the entire lens.

The benefits for the wearer

Improved clarity and sharp vision

Thinner & flatter lenses for improved cosmetic outcome

Improved night and low light vision,

Single Vision Superb briefly Using advanced freeform technology Point-by-point optimization of the lens surface leads to fewer power errors in the lens periphery and allows precise optical images. Optimized for every prescription: sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base.

For those of us requiring a high prescription, the advantages of thinner lenses are not limited to how the lenses look in the frame. They are also beneficial for: Keeping your eyes from looking too small (for minus power prescriptions) or too large (for plus power prescriptions) behind your eyeglasses Improving the quality of vision at the periphery by reducing the curvature of the lenses Avoiding fatigue or frames slipping on the nose because of excessive weight What makes lenses thin and light is the combination of lens material and optical design.