lENS index of 1.67 Lightweight lenses that are extremely comfortable to wear

Ultral 1.67 AS lens material is up to 60% thinner than the 1.50 material index.

Tintable. Ultral 1.67 As is an ideal and safe solution to those prescriptions that require a cosmetically thin lens appearance.

Finished 1.67 Super SV Double Hardcoat (DHC) Protection Fast, Consistent Tinting

High Index is our premium high-index lens material that keeps up with the latest trends in fashion and design. Thin and lightweight yet optically pure, it offers the perfect combination of clarity, comfort and style.

With a refractive index of 1.67, High Index is especially suited to the needs of wearers with a moderate to high prescription who require a strong, elegant lens. Compared with a standard index lens, it is up to 40% thinner and five times stronger. Heat resistant up to 95°C makes processing, including tinting and coating, easy.

The spectacle wearer will benefit from

*Optical purity and exceptional durability

*Lightweight lenses that are extremely comfortable to wear

*Protection from UV rays

*finished 1.67 Super SV dimple-free center thickness (-2.00 and above).

They are hard coated with an exclusive double

*only offers excellent durability and scratch protection, it also tints fast and consistently, and quality AR coating.

*Ultra lens AR lenses are factory coated with a 16-layer high-impact AR *process and new SuperClean *hydrophobic/oleophobic topcoat. This coating system is index-matched to the lens to