Digital Lenses the ideal all-day glasses for the digital lifestyle.The world in pixels – a challenge for our eyes.

Especially designed for users of electronic devices, smart phones, tablets. This is a personalized single vision, high resolution lens, enhanced with Digital Ray-Path technology that considers the fact of different vision needs for people that uses far and near distances. 34 percent more wide visual in regards to near distance and peripheral field thanks to the technology that is used to reduce oblique astigmatism. There is dynamic and high quality resolution in every vision direction. It has a design which is in accordance with every frame shape.

The growing use of smartphones, navigation devices, e-readers and tablets is also growing our visual performance: our eyes are having to become accustomed to a new range of near vision to accommodate the shorter distance at which we hold digital devices related to a newspaper or a book. And they also need our eyes to constantly switch between different distances. This is a situation that demands a lot – often too much – from our eyes: more and more people are becoming shortsighted or are complaining about problems with their eyes or general health as a result.

On average, we look at our smartphones, tablets or TV screens for almost five hours every day. And we glance at our mobile phones as many as 80 times a day! And these figures are set to rise in the future. Small font sizes and the constant switching of our viewing focus from near to far objects demands the utmost from our eyes. From the age of 30 onwards, this can lead to digital eyestrain or, as the experts put it, the Computer Vision Syndrome. ASFERA MOBILE Free-Form Digital Lenses offer excellent support by enabling fast, comfortable focusing